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Dow's Liveris to be awarded 2013 International Palladium Medal

Dow's Liveris to be awarded 2013 International Palladium Medal

MIDLAND - In recognition of his distinguished contributions to the chemical industry and to the enhancement of the international aims and objectives of the Société de Chimie Industrielle, Andrew Liveris, chairman and CEO of The Dow Chemical Co. was revealed Monday as the honoree of the prestigious International Palladium Medal of the Société de Chimie Industrielle. John Roberts, chairman of the International Palladium Medal Award Committee, announced that Liveris will receive the Medal at a dinner to be held in his honor in May 2013 in New York City.

Established in 1958, the International Palladium Medal was first awarded to Ernest-John Solvay of Belgium. Since then, 26 subsequent awards have been made to prominent American, French, British, and German recipients including Stephanie Burns (Dow Corning), Werner C. Brown (Hercules), Vincent A. Calarco (Crompton), Harry Corless (ICI), Earnest W. Deavenport Jr. (Eastman Chemical Co.), Jean-Rene Fourtou (Rhône-Poulenc), Thomas G. Gibian (Henkel), Thomas L. Gossage (Hercules), J. Peter Grace (W.R. Grace), Charles O. Holliday Jr. (DuPont), Edward R. Kane (DuPont), William W. Keeler (Phillips Petroleum), Robert D. Kennedy (Union Carbide), Gerald D. Laubach (Pfizer), Jeffery M. Lipton (Nova Chemicals), Paul F. Oreffice (Dow), Frank Popoff (Dow), Monroe J. Rathbone (Standard Oil), William S. Stavropolous (Dow), Jürgen F. Strube (BASF), Charles A. Thomas (Monsanto), Paul Toinet (Bayer), Konrad M. Weis (Bayer), Henry S. Wingate (International Nickel), Karl Winnackker (Hoechst), and Edgar S. Woolard, Jr. (DuPont).

Liveris's 36-year Dow career has spanned manufacturing, engineering, sales, marketing, and business management. He joined Dow in 1976 in Australia, and has spent the bulk of his professional life in Asia, including 14 years in Hong Kong. Liveris has been a member of Dow's board of directors since February 2004, and was named CEO in November 2004. He was elected as Chairman of the Board effective April 1, 2006.

An advocate for the criticality of manufacturing to the long-term health of a nation's economy, Liveris served as co-chair of President Obama's Advanced Manufacturing Partnership in the United States, and is the author of Make It in America, a book released in January 2011 (updated in paperback January 2012) which presents a comprehensive set of practical policy solutions and business strategies that outlines the company's vision for an 'Advanced Manufacturing' economy.

In recognition of his thought-leadership, Liveris was honored with the 2011 Distinguished Performance Award for Excellence in Public Policy from the Committee for Economic Development, the 2011 International Leadership Award from the United States Council for International Business (USCIB) and the 2011 Legend in Leadership by the Yale Chief Executive Leadership Institute.

Named 2011 Platts Global Energy Awards CEO of the year, and as one of the greatest influential people in the global chemical markets (ICIS Chemical Business magazine December 2010/2011) Liveris's breadth of experience and expertise is broadly represented across business, government, academic, and non-profit sectors. Liveris sits on the board of directors of IBM, and is vice chairman of the Business Council, and a vice chair of the Business Roundtable. He serves as president and chairman of the board of the International Council of Chemical Associations and is a member of the U.S. President's Export Council, the US-India CEO Forum, the Peterson Institute for International Economics, and the American Australian Association. Additionally, he serves on the board of trustees for The Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation, United States Council for International Business (USCIB), and Tufts University.

The Société de Chimie Industrielle was founded in 1918 as The American Section of a Paris-based international organization. Today it operates as an independent New York-based Society with a mission to work with other chemical industry organizations and promote understanding of the chemical and allied industries. Activities include a monthly CEO forum, a scholarship program, and the International Palladium Medal awarded to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to the industry.

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